Kingdom, Freedom and Wisdom

Kingdom, Freedom and Wisdom

Three Mysterious Forces and Treasures of the Trinity

By Chimezie Okonkwo

Kingdom, freedom and wisdom are three-in-one forces that the trinity chose to display the wealth of their treasure to man within his environment both spiritually and physically. In Kingdom, Freedom and Wisdom, author Chimezie Okonkwo discusses these three forces through his testimony of the Word of God.

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                                                                          “It is finished.” – [ J O H N   1 9 : 3 0 ]


The Author

Chimezie Okonkwo earned a master’s degree in management from the London Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom, he’s a Camp America alumni and currently works as a retail manager. Okonkwo has been an ardent and passionate student of the word of God for many years. He and his family live in London, United Kingdom.

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